FUUN Interview with Francesco Bommartini

The name of your latest album is “Past”. What are the main differences with your present?

First, thank you for inviting us to this interview. It’s nice to e-meet you 😉

Our style at that time was inspired by rock and post-grunge. It was a rather direct sound with a standard rock band setup. Today we are open minded people who love to experiment with sounds of any kind – we are curious about instruments that are unfamiliar for us, or even the sound of the handrail in our stairwell.

During the album production, one guitarist quit our band, so now it’s just the four of us – and of course… Covid happened.

Last but not least, creating our latest masterpiece took us 7 long years, so the stories behind the songs are inspired by events that occurred a long time ago.

How do you approach the composition phase?

We start by jamming together, then a structure evolves, lyrics are written… When we’ve finally decided on every detail, we recorded the song. When Julian wasn’t in the band yet and we didn’t have a studio, recording was very difficult for us. At that time, we thought that a song was finished after recording.

But actually, this was the moment when a completely new creative field appeared to us. Especially during Covid we benefited a lot from the possibilities of living together and having our studio at home, and from Julian’s experience as a producer…and baker 😉. We could really let ourselves drift and experiment with different sounds, arrangements and effects. This was a completely new experience for us.

In what ways do you think to promote the album?

Covid forced us to rely on an online-only strategy. Online marketing has an advantage: You can reach everybody – not just locals. So we thought – why not go worldwide? Loosely based on Pinky and Brain: “Trying to take over the world”.

We have already received a few international reviews and are curious to hear what people in Italy think of our album. As soon as covid allows it, we want to go on tour. We would love to play shows in Italy! Just email us and we’ll make it happen – for sure.

You have an original sound. What are the elements that fits it and have you got some secrets? (Pedals, brands of drums…)

Our sound consists of equally represented female and male voices, accompanied by multi-voice choir arrangements. Therefor we are looking for local choir groups to join us on our live tour.

Also, we used a bunch of instruments on our album, including violin, cello, Fender Rhodes, 7 haunted guitars – like a 60 year old 12-string Framus, 3 basses, countless percussion instruments like flex-a-tone and kalimba. We used vintage synthesizers from Moog, Korg and Yamaha.

In the studio, we used a broad selection of bass and guitar amps and used a wide palette of psychedelic sound effects (everything the studio had to offer and even more). NO LIMITS.

Special tip from our bass player: The Cockfight pedal is best fuzz.

How did you live with Covid in 2020?

Luckily we moved in together half a year before covid. Only our drummer lives a few miles further, so we could continue to play together and work on the album most of the time. After all our shows were cancelled, we streamed several concerts from our living room to the internet, even our drummer was connected live via Skype.

In fall, when infection numbers decreased, we were allowed to play a small concert with a limited number of audience, which was also streamed live. That was a unique night for us. The highlights are compiled on our YouTube Channel and website.

We also released the single “Grey Cold Rabbit”, worked hard on the album and finished it on the last day of the year – best memory of 2020!

In the meantime, we grew vegetables, learned to bake bread and pizza and we made friends with chicken and ducks in our garden that we adopted during the pandemic. There’s nothing more relaxing than watching them munch all day.

You live in Munich. How was the music scene there before covid?

We played unforgettable concerts in Munich in front of awesome crowds – we are incredibly grateful for that. We really hope that many live clubs will survive these hard times and that we will be able to play great shows there again in the future. Music is such an important part of culture – it connects people on a very personal and emotional level. This must not die!

In what way do you live your concerts?

We prefer to go to the gig by public transport.

On stage, freedom is most important to us… that’s why we jam in loose arrangements, with space for improvisation, solos and implementing spontaneous ideas together.

We match our setup individually to every location, from small acoustic sessions to unique and blown up performances, comparable to a studio production:

We aim for the perfect sound for every song: Real drums, 2 electric and 2 acoustic guitars with big pedalboards, bass, 3 voices with vocal effects, a keyboard, a flute and many small percussion instruments. A concert with FUUN is always a party. After the show, we celebrate very hard with our beloved fans. Normally, we are among the very last ones to leave the club. Video diaries can be found at Instagram: @fuunology.

What do you want for your future?

As said before, we aim for world domination 😉.

Also, we’d wish all humanoids to be friendly to our planet!!!

We would like to adopt one more cute chicken friend.

We want our music to be heard everywhere.

After the genetic improvement of all humanoids 😉 and defeating covid, we’d like to play many live shows, see the whole world and especially play a show on an organic farm in Italy.

And we want world peace!